Upgrade from A Shell Session into Meterpreter Session Using Metasploit

If we talk about Metasploit notably in Kali Linux, there is no enough time for discussing it. Eventhough it is a free version (not enterprise or Pro version), Metasploit Community version is fully enough for us to exploit a vulnerable system.

As described at their website, Rapid7 claimed that metasploit is the world’s most used penetration testing framework. Continue reading

EternalBlue Exploit at Windows 7 using Metasploit


Several months ago (and may be it’s still continuing), many windows hosts/computers had been infected and attacked by two major Ransomware. They are Wannacry and Petya/NonPetya. Refered to wired.co.uk,  The Ransowmware spread was helped by a Microsoft Windows security vulnerability called EternalBlue. Continue reading