The Art of Webshell and Port Knocking Exploit — Hackademic RTB2

As I was browsing about webshell exploit through google, I found an interesting challenge in Vulnhub. It was Hackademic RTB2 by mr.pr0n released at 6 September 2011. The Hackademic RTB2 was one of the series CTF named Hackademic by mr.pr0n at vulnhub. Actually, there was the first serie which was Hackademic RTB1. Nevertheless, I chose the second one firstly, hahahahaa. But I promise will give a post for the Hackademic RTB1 next week. Continue reading

Make a Sticky Banner at Your Terminal/Shell

Several videos about hacking tutorials in youtube has own unique banner sticked at their terminal. Therefor, I was a curious a little-bit how make my terminal has a sticky banner too. After googling a bit time, I found a simple way for changing terminal’s banner at link

  • Firstly, we need to install Figlet, It is an application for styling the terminal banner.

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Make a “Maliciouse Document” – Macro exploit in Ms Word Using The Fatrat

malicious docHallo Sudo-ers,

After posting about the simple exploit tool (but powerfull) named The FatRat before, We will show you a simple Proof of Concept (PoC) one of features the tool in which make a “maliciouse document”- by exploiting a Macro feature in Microsoft Word 2013.

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TheFatRat a Massive Backdoor Tool

Hallo Sudo-ers,

Today I will show you a simple tool but powerfull for exploitating a target either windows based, mac os, linux , android and others such as php etc. The tool can create a malware which obfuscate the Antivirus, so the malware can bypass security of the host in which use a AV for securing it.

We can run this tool on various operating systems such as : Continue reading