Make a Sticky Banner at Your Terminal/Shell

Several videos about hacking tutorials in youtube has own unique banner sticked at their terminal. Therefor, I was a curious a little-bit how make my terminal has a sticky banner too. After googling a bit time, I found a simple way for changing terminal’s banner at link

  • Firstly, we need to install Figlet, It is an application for styling the terminal banner.


  • Then we edit the .bashrc file using our favorite text editor. (I used gedit which is installed in kali linux by default)


  • Navigate to the end code, and add the line: figlet {Custom Text} to the very bottom. Change out {Custom Text} for your text of choice. I used SudoKom.


  • Finnaly, I have a cooled banner stickedly at my terminal present “SudoKom”.


With the cooled banner sticked in my terminal, it had elevated my fingers to fire up the systems…..

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