How To Build a Malware Analysis Sandbox Using Cuckoo

Along of 2017, We had known that the attacking of malware especially ransomware-wannacry was been the media headline news. Many people including both of private and governments should give all of their resources for taking over those incidents. According to the Mid-Year’s 2017 Cyber Attacks Report published by Check Point Software Technolgies Ltd, there are three main categories of malware attack Continue reading

Make a “Maliciouse Document” – Macro exploit in Ms Word Using The Fatrat

malicious docHallo Sudo-ers,

After posting about the simple exploit tool (but powerfull) named The FatRat before, We will show you a simple Proof of Concept (PoC) one of features the tool in which make a “maliciouse document”- by exploiting a Macro feature in Microsoft Word 2013.

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